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Position of Science

natural science especially (to be read after “Biosophy Basis” preferably)

Sciences implicate every imagination of our World, at least in the dominating societies. Although retrospectively it is obvious, that thesis of science successively are corrected, i.e. the pictures of the world are changing: from the former image of the earth around which everything is circling to the present picture of astronomy.

On the one hand sciences follow the main ideas – it is found what it is searched for. On the other hand imaginations which are new, intuitive, visionary or extraordinary are, of the sciences taught at Universities not considered for long times. In fact, many scientists are unconsciously supporting a society of privileges: The society is in a long term process and with many means, influenced, even conditioned. A belief in experts is installed. By their language the scientists induce often a modern illiteracy. This is true also for other subjects, like business, the monetary system, economy, medicine, informatics. Independence of thinking reaches a mean value. This is a pity.

True promotion of men would mean to fortify its independence, its decision-making, its self-esteem. Although in the curricula of schools such aims are given, reality shows a different picture. This is to see manifold: how much is learned by head, how strong is experience supported? How little room is given to holistic approaches? Even in details this is obvious: school in a fix timetable, reduction of sensual subjects as domestic economy, manual-skill, even gymnastics. At long last, the people (of position), the state or in fact the “Dominators” raise – as since thousands of years (millenniums) – the privileges of some few.

A world view, not scientifically proved, can be as right as the actually dominating as the following examples show: a) Galileo Galilei taught against the doctrine of the church, the today’s valid relationship between the earth and the sun, b) the detection of the genetic code does not date of today but is 4000 years old. Also my view from „East of the Sun“ belongs to this range, reaching certainty without scientific proof.

If I as follows (afterwards) stand for different, less established positions, I do it consciously. And I will not always quote who, where, what has published, being aware that even my perceptions are created or inspired by a collective spirit.