New Biosophy as a World View

Recommended introduction: Biosphy Base, Position of Science, Astronomy as well as I Ching and the Genetic Code

This world view shows the meaning of our life on this planet, how it is connected to the beyond of the world and what is the influence of this insight (cognition) to our life here and now. The foundation of this conception of the world is given in „Biosophy Base“.

It is not a scientific view of the world, and does not claim to be so, as explained in „position of science“. The examples from „beyond the world „, „astronomy“ as well as „I Ching and the genetic code“ are to state, how with other methods just as deep realizations are won.
We regard the life in this world from two perspectives: thousands of years old history and the present events, the presence generally and the presence on the basis of personal experiences.


What always jumps in the eyes (is in evidence), is the urge of humans to rule over others. Although, where always we can reread history, we notice that time after time one tried to replace dominance by equal rights. This neither succeeded with the Egyptians, the Greek, the Chinese, the Incas, the Aztec, and the Indian nor by Jews, Christians, Muslims or Buddhists, neither in revolutions and also not by flower-power.

The „privilege-economy“ has its counterpart in the money economy. The established interest rule – invested money carries positive interest – is its foundation. Even here it was tried to turn around this rule since the Egyptian up to modern times (Silvio Gesell). That the attempts failed reflect the slope to privileges.

Rather again and again, the endeavour to equalization was undermined; thus ended e.g. „liberté, égalité, fraternité“ in establishing an empire. The mentioned tendency was even turned to the opposite as shown by the conversion of the early Christian messages into hierarchical structures and dogmas by the church.

The whole written history proves nothing else, than a defence of once installed privileges. (Verbal lore could possibly screen another picture, only they fall – at least according to the quantitative and effective significance – post important.) Optimists do see that differently: they say, there would be a constant tendency to justice (equality, equal rights). Whether actual or optimistic, the result remains: It did not succeed to humans on this earth to live and retain justice over a longer time.


It does not show another picture. Of course there are improvements and those are at least rays of hope, e.g. emancipation or the force-free fall of the wall. Unfortunately it is related by other developments like the dominance of capitalism, which ends up in intensifying privileges. Also the environmental problems are a mirror of what holding to privileges induces. There would be still more examples from the present.

Also personal experiences show you that unfortunately striving for justice, many efforts to do well, have its effect on a small scale, but in world happenings are meaningless (silting up). The small effects have nevertheless a meaning for our life here and now.

With personal stories it is illustrated (Zivilcourage, Gewissen und Spontaneität). Episodes from politics are added (Zum kalten Krieg; Wirken zu gunsten der Zukunft; Umweltschutz – Das kollektive Unbehagen ), and later on from science, school and military service.
Conclusion: The one inequities are only exchanged by others – this is the terrestrial world run. But why?


Is it the material bases of our existence, which has such effects? Is our human life on earth linked with privilege-economy? Neither history nor present show anything else.
With view from the other world it becomes understandable: our terrestrial life is bound to matter. Therefore it is logical that materialism prevails.

THE insight: terrestrial life cannot at all be else than accompanied of hardship, pain and inequity, it is dominated by the privilege-economy. How to find out of the dilemma? If terrestrial life is not to change in general, how the particular can get along therein?

Strive after power? Hardly, because it would confirm only history: Those grasping at power, undermine the responsibility of the fellow men, without being able to really carry it. In other words: Macht fördert des einen Macht und des andern Ohnmach (Power enhances the power of the either and the powerlessness of the other.) How then? How to find out of the dilemma? If terrestrial life is not to change in general, how the particular can get along therein?

A general solution apparently does not exist. Not even this can cloud the insight. Would „the principle hope“ be a solution“? Hope was and is stirred up again and again. If it would exist for us terrestrials (ones), it could be marvellous. But „arousing hope“ has also its history.

With the principle hope we are diverted from the insight. Unfortunately we are mass natures, who follow gladly a trend. That is used consciously or unconsciously by the privileged ones. With hope for a better world, the view for reality is transfigured, the courage to act is shifted on a far future and so the privilege-economy is kept upright.

Thus e.g. a Swiss TV-program „philosophy today“ was concerned with „poverty“. It ended up with the demand, to make more moneys available for investigations on the reasons of poverty. But – the reasons are so clear and simple. These funds would help above all the researching, which support therein the existing mechanism: Privileges defend.

The insight points into another direction. Our terrestrial life is bound to hardship, pain and inequity. Then only remains resignation, pure pessimism? Possibly.

In any case, the belief in progress does not help either. With „progress“ we are constantly suggested the benefits it brings. But this „so-called“ progress does not exist: there is only development i.e. change. And it has always advantages and disadvantages. Is the material well-off as happier than the poor? Are the privileged more satisfied than the ruled?

A huge propaganda machine helps the materially powerful to keep the common people happy. They might see elsewhere, that there are also spiritual powers – the privilege-economy would have to end. Most people like to think that our democracy, our rule of law guarantees improvement. However, anybody who is really going to the limit, will get to know that the opposite is true (see political lies: economic growth, the AHV; Swiss insurance of the aged). The crowd supports the privileges! One cannot say „against their better knowledge“, but „against better insight.“

The insight points in a different direction

Why should we entertain the expectation that equity will be established, when everything indicates that it is an illusion – an illusion that hinders the insight. The true side of material life is toil, suffering and injustice (hardship, pain and inequity) on a large scale, but joy, pleasure, doing well and care in miniature (on a small scale). This is not bad, but real.

It does not prevent us, in small circles to follow our ideals. Nevertheless it makes us recognize the many today’s efforts, admire and support them – in spite of all insight. This is the only – small – hope. But there is another; in astronomy, it is clear that there exist other physical worlds.
Has the terrestrial experiment failed, perhaps to the benefit of another and on a alternative „pulsade“ of the multiverse?

Beside the „little hope“, there is still a „great confidence“: Our exit from this world is a release that leads to the afterlife (beyond of the world), where we continue to exist.