I CHING and the Genetic Code

The most important and astonishing fact is summarized in the last part.

The discovery of the genetic code is an extraordinary achievement. With all scientific methods this code of life has been detected, broken down and described in detail within the last 60 years.

Today it has gone so far that the genetics can be influenced directly by gene manipulation (not as before, by selection during centuries only). Whether therewith science is following a good way, is another question. The genetic code is explained shortly, details and pictures are presented in the article „Reparatur in lebenden Zellen“(repair in living cells):

The cells of all living creatures contain information, often in its nucleus, which determine the chemical processes. There it is read what, how, where and when happens in the life of a creature – at least materially. It is information mostly stored in chromosomes in hundreds of genes in form of the DNA (desoxyribo nucleic acid).

This kind of script consists of four letters (the chemical bases A-denin, T-hymin, G-uanin and C-ytosin) which, always in pair build a triplet. In this way for example the triplet codes for a defined amino acid, which then guides the process of material life. It stands for „start“. (Being precise: to each base belongs a definite opposite.) If this order is systematically fulfilled, exactly 64 varieties are possible.

I Ging genttischer Code 1

4000 years ago in China by the „I CHING, book of changes“ a code was described which represents different states, possibilities and changes of human life. This code consists of exactly three pairs giving together one picture. For a further explanation of the relationship between the I CHING code and the genetic code I refer to the cited book below. The following picture describes a circumstance of living and its possible changes. It stands for „start“.

I Ging genttischer Code 2

In the genetic code too changes are possible – they are called mutation. In the I Ching exists, exactly as in the genetic code, a sign for „start“. In the I Ching also exists as in the genetic code a picture for „end“. In the I Ching as well, are possible 64 varieties.

There are so many congruities that it leads too far to describe them here in extenso. I refer to the book of Martin Schönberger, Verborgener Schlüssel zum Leben – Weltformel I-Ging im Genetischen Code, Otto Wilhelm Barth Verlag, München und Bern (1973).

We admire the effort of modern science. With every means the genetic code has been detected: molecular biology, electron microscopy, biochemistry, spectral analysis, chromatography, genetic engineering, mathematics, informatics etc.

How astonishing that the key to life, 4000 years ago in a different approach, has been detected too!