Astronomy: Imaginations of the space undergo a change2018-05-25T12:49:14+01:00

Astronomy: Imaginations of the space undergo a change

Men always oriented themselves in the sky, formerly possibly more than today – or in a different way. In any case visions have the same value as to days valid ideas. Remember the imagination of the middle ages vault of heaven (firmament). It was as true as our truth is true for us today. At that time, the earth has been seen as the centre of the Universe.

Everything turned around it: the moon, the planets, the sun and the stars. It was a picture, which poses men in the centre. I claim that this imagination characterises – at least ideologically – our society and therefore a grate number of its persons, until now. Modern astronomy develops a very different vision. As explained in „the position of Science“ I present it as it suits me without a claim of being science-based.

The UNIverse does not exist, it has become a MULTIverse.

The UNIverse: Earth is one of the planets, which turn around the sun. The sun is one of thousands of suns in the spiral nebula of our milky way.

The milky way is one of thousands of galaxies of the universe. And they are scattering steadily with an enormous speed. In addition there exist black holes.

Now – the new conception begins: The expansion of the universe has its end, when the centrifugal force issuing from the big bang, becomes smaller than the force of gravitation. The universe, instead of scattering, now shrinks, finally to a black hole. The universe is a pulsating structure, which at the moment is in expansion.

The MULTIverse: The black holes which have been detected in the space are the appearances/evidences of other (UNI)verses. Beside our universe thousands of other pulsating structures exist, I may call them Pulsades. Or expressed in a different way, our universe is only one pulsade besides thousands, existing in the MULTIverse.

In this connection it may be mentioned that beside the matter we know, also so called antimatter exists. Therefore the vision of a multiverse is even enhanced. The probability that anywhere in space conditions for material life exist, is increasing to infinity.