Biosophy Base

New Biosophy* is the world view, which is based on life and is anchored beyond this world. Our being in this world is connected to matter and holds the secret of pulsating configuration (s. astronomy). Even so, it is allied to existence beyond our world. Biosophy is covering both sides.

In this world, it means to study everything, which constitutes our life, not only in thoughts but also by doing. By thinking, figuring out every possible consideration to the themes of life and death – like in philosophy. In doing on the one hand, by deliberating its relations to all living creatures, on the other hand, with the practical formation and the handling of our surrounding. Just as important are existential experiences like: reactions in extreme situations, relation to killing of creatures, experiencing forces of nature, spontaneous evaluating of persons, giving space to joy, grief, fear, love and care.

To fathom (explore?) the beyond of our world is also part of biosophy. Whether it is an effort to see oneself beyond, or the experience itself, is equal. An own experience may give more certitude, anyhow if so, it is rather a present than a reward. Life is often referred as „bound to matter“ or „living matter“. In biosophy this is defined differently: life is not addicted to matter but also exists in pure spirit. Although material life is acting in this world, it is anchored beyond this world because there, the rules of life are equal valid, rest (are based) there and – only there – are obvious to all creatures.

New Biosophy orientates itself at life and is anchored beyond this world.

* The term „Biosophy“ is used originally by Troxler, Ignaz Paul Vitalis, (see Eisler, Philosophen Lexikon). Developing this Website I encountered the connection but guarded me however to read his writings, in order to be able to describe my ideas independently. I later did it nevertheless. In principle Troxler’s Biosophy is related (similar). The difference lies in the fact that it was written in another time. The writings are – from my view – rather philosophically taken off and have little relation to here and now. My request is, to give a realistic view with sound relationship to today’s world.