My Biosophy

New Biosophy is my world vision, and it is based on an encounter with the other world.

Connected with this world vision is the conviction that a specialist, following the actual trend, however is reaching a lot, but a generalist can approach the profoundest world vision.
In fact I wanted to study everything connected with men. At that time an occupation did not exist and/or I was not mature enough to create one. I studied genetics, visited with joy lectures of Arts history, Philosophy, Reading of Tom Jones, Psychology and studied behavior of apes. Everything that lets one think about life: Biosophy.
Today I notice that this can be no occupation, because it would contradict the following concept.

"Uomo Universale": This was one of two wishes at the college time (remember Renaissance).
Now I realize at reactions from acquaintance/friends that much has been fulfilled in this direction. Because some was self-evident for me (I toke much for granted), I required the reflection by others. E.g. musical improvisation; writing of scientific articles, counselor reactions or literary stories; design and manufacturing of furniture; convert/restore; form environment; create sculptures; develop educational sensitivity.
The second wish? Family and children, eventually to transmit something: Biosophy.


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